Vocal instrumental October 2018

The Talent Hunt competition was organised by the Talent Hunt Company in October at Indus International Primary School, Chennai.

Children of age group 3-17 years participated in the competition, displaying their inherent talents both in Instrumental and Vocal categories.

The Talent Hunt Competition was a fresh and novel effort to encourage young artists and recognize their unique set of qualities and talents.

The selection process was done in multiple rounds of evaluation by prominent Judges, based on a broad list of criteria. The auditions were conducted in the span of two days, 20th and 21st October to sense the contestant’s musical backgrounds, vocal range, quality and tone, and stage presence.

The shortlisted contestants further progressed into the final round comprising the semi- finals and finals on 27th and 28th of October. The contestants of the finals were thrown a ‘Challenge Round’. The finalists of the vocal category were given an impromptu song track to mime with the Judge and sing and the Finalists of the instrumental category were given music notes to play, based on their completed grades.

The contestants learnt many practical aspects of music during the competition. The judges encouraged them to understand music more holistically and offered constructive feedback on how to overcome nervousness, stage etiquette and on voice modulation.

All the participants were presented with Certificates and the winners of each category were awarded Certificates and were offered to be a part of a Music Album by Paul Dawson.

The Talent Hunt Company will continue to organize, facilitate and present workshops, platforms and exciting opportunities, to support and nurture talent in every form.We thank all our sponsors and Judges for being a part of this memorable event and for sharing a commitment in making music and arts an integral part of all our lives.