Juhina Sabrina Samuel

I am a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Sincerely Sabrina. Having completed my M.A in Public Administration & MBA in HR , career took a backseat over passion and family. I am also a mother of two very hyperactive boys and a beagle fur baby, a doting wife of a mariner and the boss lady who is always right. So here meet your doppelganger!!

I am a global pioneer of organic handcrafted wines, made out of not only grapes ,that we have all come to believe and accept, but out of fruits,flowers and even grains for that matter! The wine at Sincerely Sabrina’s is a progressive exploration of our rich botanical heritage. The tropical sun and sea breeze of Chennai infuses its own exotic essence to the wine along with warm taste of infused spices . A roller coaster botanical Odyssey in a glass is what my clients call it!

I call myself a social entrepreneur as my passion extends to giving back to society what we have so freely received. The proceeds from my business go towards two of causes – a school for the underprivileged differently abled children and the Rohingya Refugee Camp.

This apart I have challenged myself to plant 100 trees this year and it’s a work in progress. I have also been actively involved in beach cleaning too. When the entire Chennai was devastated by floods a couple of years ago it was our neighborhood ponds that kept our area from getting submerged and this year we managed to deepen and clean our protector along with assistance from our local bodies. I have introduced waste segregation in our community so as to reduce refuse and recycle waste. The bottles used to package my wines are even upcycled!

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