Mohsin Bijepuri

I have a dream…..

One day, everyone will be free from all financial worries. All will save money. All will manage their financial risks. They will plan for their financial dreams and they will save for their financial goals.

They will save taxes and make their wills.

They will spend what is left after saving and not the other way around.

They will save for their retirement and not be dependent.

They will maintain an emergency corpus.

They will continue to love Mr. Fixed Deposit, Mr. Gold & Mr. Real Estate and Mr. Mutual Fund but with proper Asset Allocation.

They will display discipline and patience in creating wealth and achieving their financial goals.

They will not buy an insurance policy to “help their relative”. They will not reject Term plans because it does not give any ‘returns’. They will not mix insurance with investments.

They will not just depend upon their employer provided Health Insurance Cover but own a Permanent Comprehensive one themselves.

They will not buy that emotionally sold “Child Plan”.

In a country where Accident and Disability are taken for granted, they will cover themselves with a strong Disability and Critical Care Plan.

They will take the advice of a Personal Finance Advisor and be counselled by him always for all aspects of their personal financial management.

Mohsin Bijepuri is a Brand that is associated with Personal Financial Advisory, assisting many individuals with Financial Planning and Wealth Management solutions helping them achieve their financial goals. The services are facilitated through technologically driven platforms enhancing client experience. Our clientele comprising more than 100 families with more than 200 Portfolios under our management, built over a foundation of almost 20 years is a standing testimony for the same. We have a total AUA (Assets Under Advice) of over 100 crores. It’s been a fascinating journey in helping people to achieve their financial goals.

My dream is that all will be financially fit, and live Happily ever after.


+91 9841070860 | [email protected]

+91 9841070860