One of the problems that people searching for job opportunities generally face is that they find trouble not just in searching for jobs but in getting contacts who could potentially help with work and job opportunities. If the information regarding job opportunities is available on a forum that is open to all who are looking to expand their search and build their contacts network, it becomes easier for individuals to network.

To join the group, an individual has to provide references and the Membership Committee checks them before the individual is allowed to join. This is all done by word-of-mouth so even before a person joins, they should have either spoken to a member or been invited by a member. The main objective of the group is to assist members in improving their business and to support them regarding networking.

Networking and Relationship Building

Meet with members in a group or one-on-one to learn about them professionally and personally and see how you can support each other in building your respective businesses. Find new ways of connecting with people and building up your business. Develop strong relationships with many businesses and business people.


To help market your business, we offer- Business listings on our website. Social media posts and shoutouts. Guest blogging and newsletter opportunities to showcase your knowledge and uniqueness and get linkbacks to your website. Advertising in website ads, event programs and in monthly newsletters.

Member-to-Member Discounts and Referral Discounts

Members can offer discounts to fellow members.

Educational Opportunities

Learn about the various aspects of business from experienced experts. From startups to finance, workshops and online seminars, you can expand your knowledge and become more business savvy.


Registration Process

After Member Invite


Verification by the committee

Discussion of rules and regulations

Registration and payment


Introduction to the group

As a member of the group, you would get access to people who might be looking for the product/skills that you have to offer or they can put you in touch with those who might be interested in your product/skills. This helps you get more leads, sales and revenue for your business.